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Puppy Training Programs (for puppies under 5 months)

Congratulations on your newest family member!  Raising a puppy is no small task, we are here to help each step of the way.  Our puppy programs are designed to make raising a puppy fun by minimizing those frustrating moments.  Training should be interactive and enjoyable for both you and your puppy.  By using modern, humane, and scientifically backed methods we ensure your puppy grows into a confident, well ­mannered family member.  Create your dream dog through clear communication, play, and lots of love.  Invest now to start your puppy off on the right paw, prevent behavioral problems and future frustration.

During puppy training we offer introductions and schedules for potty and crate training, safe and proper socialization, prevention for mouthing/nipping, jumping, chewing, digging, and more.  We teach how to walk nicely on leash, meet and greet politely, self ­control, waiting at thresholds (doors, crates, cars, etc.), and to come when called.  We will also work on basic obedience cues.

Perfect Pup to Ultimate Dog  *The Lifetime Program*


puppy training clayton, nc

Lifetime support for you and your new family member.  Start off on the right paw with foundations for a lifetime of happiness with your dog.  Then get help through adolescence during the time when your puppy is testing the boundaries.  You will feel confident knowing that even after training ends, we are dedicated to you throughout your dog’s lifetime.

This program is perfect for the owner who wants their dog to be the ultimate go anywhere family member.

dog training clayton, nc

Program Features:

  • 5 private lessons while under 6 months old
  • 3 private lessons over 6 months
  • *Unlimited obedience and behavior cues
  • *Introduction and prevention of all puppy problems


  • *Lifetime support via email, phone, and text
  • *BONUS follow up lessons after initial training

Puppy 101  **Our most popular puppy program** 

puppy training smithfield, nc

This program is perfect for the first time puppy owner or for the family who expects obedience and manners from their dog even around distractions.

The puppy months are filled with amusing and blissful memories, but they can also be filled with challenges, frustrations, and embarrassments if not prepared.  Do you want the excitement and happiness of a new puppy without the stress of rowdy behavior?  We can help you achieve this and more!  A good foundation will prevent many issues in the future.  Start off with basic obedience and prevention for common nuisance behaviors.

Program Features:

  • 5 private lessons (~8 hours of one on one training)
  • Up to 8 obedience or behavior cues
  • Introduction and prevention of common puppy problems


  • 6 months support via email, phone, & text
  • *BONUS follow up lesson


Simple Start

puppy training garner, nc

Do you remember how joyous it is to have a new puppy in your home, but forgot about the messes, chewing, and rambunctious behavior?  Do you just need a little extra help?  We can give you the guidance you are looking for. Let’s get you and your puppy started off on the right paw with some pointers on common puppy problems and a few basic cues.

This program a great refresher for getting through puppy ­hood.

Program Features:

  • 3 private lessons (~4 hours of one on one training)
  • Up to 5 obedience or behavior cues
  • Introduction and prevention of common puppy problems


  • 2 months support via email, phone, & text


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