Jun 242015

Raleigh, NC Dog TrainingCalvin, about age 2, is a pit bull mix adopted by us from off the streets. From the beginning he was a good inside dog, never making a mess or getting into anything. But he was fairly unresponsive to our wishes. Outside he was a wild one who paid no attention to commands. The very first day with Kassondra taught us that the creatures that needed the most help was us, not the dog. She taught us several things right away.

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We had to be consistent to establish rules and commands. We also had to learn to communicate things not just verbally but also through body language. Kassondra taught us how to train our dog in simple, incremental steps to the final behavioral goal and how and when to use praise and rewards to do this. Calvin was also pretty uncontrollable on walks, especially agitated by other dogs. We learned how to use the leash, how to express control through body posture and movement, and how to divert his attention positively. Always patient (with our dog and us), knowledgeable, and confident, Kassondra instilled in us optimism and confidence in ourselves to train our dog. I never thought I would say this but I now believe that all dog owners need the training that Always Pawsitive provides any time you take on a new pet, young or old. ­

Don and Kay S.
Raleigh, NC