Mar 112016

Positive thinking does wonders in dog training!

The co-evolution of humans and their canine companions has given our furry friends mastery over interpretation of our body language.  Unfortunately, we often ignore theirs.  Your dog understands when you are pleased and when you are not.  But can you tell when your dog is stressed or frustrated?

How often have you gotten frustrated with your dog because he is not listening?  Like many other owners, when your dog is behaving badly you may start to feel hopeless or angry – or even think about giving up.  Anger and frustration can create an anxious dog or possibly even damage your relationship.  Whether it is you or your dog who is feeling defeated, it’s time for a break.  Because communication breaks down when there is frustration in the mix, teaching and learning can become impossible.  Take a deep breath (or many), smile, and stay happy while training!  You will soon see teamwork start to blossom between you and your dog.

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If a few breaths don’t do the trick, take a complete break from your dog and try again later.  Take time to think about how you can give clear direction to your dog.  Be patient and envision what you want.  A positive environment nurtures and accelerates the learning process.  On the other hand, negativity blocks learning and can create a dog who feels threatened and anxious.

Focus more on the good, ignore most of the bad, and believe in your ability to teach and your dog’s ability to learn.  Don’t think about what might go wrong.  Think about what can go right, picture your dog doing what you want.

If you find yourself getting frustrated and you are reaching the end of the leash with your dog’s behavior, tell us about it.  We are always happy to listen and find a solution to your problem! 

Mar 022016

Bandit2“She genuinely cares about and makes herself available to her clients (those with two or four legs).”

Our dog, Bandit, is an active, fun-loving Boxer. We rescued him as a 3 year old, and want him to always know/feel that he is a loved and respected member of our family. Therefore, it is important to us that Bandit knows how to use his manners (at home and in public) without diminishing his happy disposition. Kassondra, with Always Pawsitive Dog Training, focused immediately on our goals… for Bandit it was love at first sight. She was wonderful with him and helped us understand how to assist Bandit in setting him up for success! With Kassondra’s expert modeling, strategies and advice, Bandit was immediately taking cues proving how smart he can be.

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As a family, we have learned that our consistency with Bandit in training is key to his success. Kassondra is very positive and shows you how easy it is to work with your dog in a respectful way. She genuinely cares about and makes herself available to her clients (those with two or four legs). Bandit loves training and improves daily, often doing certain commands now before we ask. What a good boy! Thank you, Always Pawsitive Dog Training, for helping us to encourage Bandit’s good manners while allowing him to be the joyful dog he is.

Cara H.
Raleigh, NC

Aug 152015

Do away with the food bowl, you don’t need it. Seriously, you’ll thank me later.


Our dogs have a natural instinct to search out food.  So why do we just throw it into a bowl twice a day when our dogs are perfectly happy to work for it?

Dogs are, after all, natural hunters and opportunist scavengers.  So give them a natural way to eat and create an outlet for their predatory energy. Exercise your dog’s mind by making them figure out how to get their food. Mental stimulation for your dog is just as important as physical activity and can decrease the chances of boredom-related behavior problems.

There are so many interactive food toys out there.  Kong is one of the most popular and most effective. You can stuff it with your dog’s regular kibble mixed with canned food, yogurt, smashed banana – get creative! In my house, we love to freeze them for longer enjoyment.

My dog’s personal favorite is their “cheese ball” or the Tricky Treat Ball (it looks like swiss cheese). Some others to try include anything made by Busy Buddy and Buster Cube. You can even use an empty cardboard egg carton or the end of a paper towel roll, just make sure your dog doesn’t eat it after all the food is gone.

claytondogtrainingEvery dog is different and has preferences of their own,  so find what works for you and your best friend.  I would suggest getting a couple different toys to switch up so your dog doesn’t get bored. What dog would get bored with food, right? I’m sure it happens, occasionally.

Please remember to supervise your dog the first few times you give them a new toy. Some dogs are heavy chewers and will destroy the toys instead of working out the problem of how to get to the food inside.

Make your dog work to eat. Have fun watching the wheels turn in your dog’s mind as they figure out how to feed themselves instead of lazily eating out of a bowl. And get ready to enjoy the benefits of a mentally exercised pup!

If you are experiencing behavior problems with your dog, let us know.  We are always happy to listen and find a solution to your problem!

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Jun 242015

Dog Training Cary, NC“She is a dedicated trainer who obviously loves animals and not only cares about them, but also the entire family.”

I would highly recommend Always Pawsitive. When my daughter found a stray puppy, we just knew it needed to become part of our family. It was obvious that the puppy was afraid and unsure of herself and also had scars from previous altercations. We already had another dog and when I tried to introduce them, the young dog became aggressive towards our current dog.

If you are looking for Cary Dog Training, we recommend the dedicated training of Always Pawsitive! –   (919)457-7956

Kassondra was recommended to me by a veterinarian. I immediately felt at ease when she came to our home. She explained what the puppy was feeling and experiencing, then taught us the correct ways to have the dogs interact. Kassondra gave us clear, daily homework for working with the dogs. When she returned a week later, we were able to have the dogs run free together without any aggression or fighting. They are now best of friends! Before Kassondra’s training, I was afraid we could not keep the puppy and would have to surrender her to a shelter. I am thankful for her guidance, good humor, and her follow­up. She is a dedicated trainer who obviously loves animals and not only cares about them, but also the entire family. ­

Lindsay R.
Cary, NC

Jun 242015

“She helps you train the dog that you want, not the dog someone else thinks you should have.” Dog Training Garner, NC

My 2 ­year ­old Lab Mix, Bailey, is a pretty well ­behaved pup, but it was time to start working on more advanced skills. Her recall was great inside the yard, but not so on the outside of the fence. As she got older we had to worry less about her bolting out the door, but we couldn’t trust her to stay inside if the door wasn’t immediately closed. As my husband and I planned to expand our family from fur babies to human babies we wanted to work on these skills, along with some others before the stress of bringing our first child into the world.

If you are looking for Raleigh Dog Training, CONTACT Always Pawsitive Dog Training NOW!–   (919)457-7956

I had such a hard time finding a trainer that uses positive ­based training methods so imagine my relief when I found Kassondra. With her help and plenty of consistency, Bailey’s recall is getting much better. She waits at doors before going out and I no longer worry that she will scoot by us as we’re coming in with a bag of groceries. Recently, I was able to open the door for guests while she waited on her bed. Kassondra has been absolutely wonderful to work with. I love that she helps you train the dog that you want, not the dog someone else thinks you should have. She asked me what kind of goals I had for Bailey and my family and worked to accomplish those goals. I recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer. ­

Ariella A.
Garner, NC

Jun 242015

Raleigh, NC Dog TrainingCalvin, about age 2, is a pit bull mix adopted by us from off the streets. From the beginning he was a good inside dog, never making a mess or getting into anything. But he was fairly unresponsive to our wishes. Outside he was a wild one who paid no attention to commands. The very first day with Kassondra taught us that the creatures that needed the most help was us, not the dog. She taught us several things right away.

If you are looking for Raleigh Dog Training, we highly recommend Always Pawsitive Dog Training! –   (919)457-7956

We had to be consistent to establish rules and commands. We also had to learn to communicate things not just verbally but also through body language. Kassondra taught us how to train our dog in simple, incremental steps to the final behavioral goal and how and when to use praise and rewards to do this. Calvin was also pretty uncontrollable on walks, especially agitated by other dogs. We learned how to use the leash, how to express control through body posture and movement, and how to divert his attention positively. Always patient (with our dog and us), knowledgeable, and confident, Kassondra instilled in us optimism and confidence in ourselves to train our dog. I never thought I would say this but I now believe that all dog owners need the training that Always Pawsitive provides any time you take on a new pet, young or old. ­

Don and Kay S.
Raleigh, NC

Jun 242015

Dog Training Zebulon, NCPiper is a rescue boxer. When we brought her home we noticed she didn’t seem to care for anyone outside of our family. We could not take her for walks, answer our own door or go anywhere that people were without her wanting to bark agressivley and pull at the leash to get at anyone that would come near us. We called Kassondra with Always Pawsitive for help. Our first lesson we were able to learn steps to help Piper in social situations, and that we her family had everything in control.

If you are looking for Durham, NC Dog Training, we recommend Always Pawsitive! –   (919)457-7956

Kassondra worked with us just as much as with Piper. We gradually took these efforts to the test and went with Kassondra to a public walking trail, and it was a HUGE difference!!! Piper has also learned many other great behaviors, such as sit, stay, leave it, focus, here, etc in a fun and easy way through positive reinforcement. We are very lucky to have found Kassondra!! Whenever Piper sees Kassondra at the door, her tail is wagging non stop and you can see a smile on her face!!

­Susan and Todd A.
Clayton, NC

Jun 042015

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