Mar 112016

Positive thinking does wonders in dog training!

The co-evolution of humans and their canine companions has given our furry friends mastery over interpretation of our body language.  Unfortunately, we often ignore theirs.  Your dog understands when you are pleased and when you are not.  But can you tell when your dog is stressed or frustrated?

How often have you gotten frustrated with your dog because he is not listening?  Like many other owners, when your dog is behaving badly you may start to feel hopeless or angry – or even think about giving up.  Anger and frustration can create an anxious dog or possibly even damage your relationship.  Whether it is you or your dog who is feeling defeated, it’s time for a break.  Because communication breaks down when there is frustration in the mix, teaching and learning can become impossible.  Take a deep breath (or many), smile, and stay happy while training!  You will soon see teamwork start to blossom between you and your dog.

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If a few breaths don’t do the trick, take a complete break from your dog and try again later.  Take time to think about how you can give clear direction to your dog.  Be patient and envision what you want.  A positive environment nurtures and accelerates the learning process.  On the other hand, negativity blocks learning and can create a dog who feels threatened and anxious.

Focus more on the good, ignore most of the bad, and believe in your ability to teach and your dog’s ability to learn.  Don’t think about what might go wrong.  Think about what can go right, picture your dog doing what you want.

If you find yourself getting frustrated and you are reaching the end of the leash with your dog’s behavior, tell us about it.  We are always happy to listen and find a solution to your problem!